established in march 2014. 'my colorful past' is an ambitious and award winning photo colorization project that has been recognized, scrutinized, praised and celebrated worldwide. your history brought into the moment with a native skillset and proprietary techniques. ​

Amelia Earhart

"my colorful past is revolutionizing historical photography with high tech artistry. not everyone can bake a cake the way he can, and for the sake of history, we shouldn’t accept any shabby substitutes"

- Tucker desaulnier (writer) for ranker, los angeles

my colorful past is a paragon of realism & relatabilty.

so much of our personal history is locked away in old, and constantly degrading, photographs or old digital image formats. my colorful past gives you the opportunity to rescue these memories, uncovering detail and character that could never be seen in the originals. this brings a new understanding and affinity with your personal history and preserves your cherished memories forever.


  restoration & color service

  • a single image restoration (incl. color) is €49 and payable on completion via paypal in any currency

  • simply fill out this contact form and upload your photograph(s). please let us know if you need any advice on how to do this.


  • try to supply a good quality digital copy or scan of the photo(s) you wish to have restored & colored. ​


  • on completion of work, you will receive a paypal invoice with your imagery attached.


  • delivery time is 3 to 5 days.

Upload your scanned imagery

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