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“The current generation and future generations want to educate themselves about and relate to what has gone before, and My Colorful Past can help them to achieve that. Matt is acting like a time traveller, defending against image obsolescence and bringing those forgotten snapshots of the past into the present, for the future. As an amateur colorist and genealogist, I recognise the value and skill in Matt’s work: there are few who can compare.”

- Professor John Breslin, educator, engineer and entrepreneur.

“Viewing the high-quality creations of My Colorful Past is an exhilarating, memorable, and sometimes unnerving experience. If you look at those time-distant subjects long enough, you can be forgiven for believing you saw them blink back at you.”


- CEO of an emerging social media company.

I want to give a big thank you to Matt Loughrey from My Colorful Past, who helped me so much with several photo enhancements. He is fast, professional and very good at his work.  I will always turn to him for any future needs.

- Ken Widner (nephew of Clarence & John Anglin).

"Bringing the past to life like never before, Matt Loughrey's restorations and colorizations of historical photos remain spellbinding time after time. The clarity and vividity of his work goes hand in hand with its spirit and attitude in a way that restores the flesh and blood to the subjects in his work, no matter how long ago they perished. Loughrey's images are truly a window into the past."

- John Kuroski, Managing Editor of All That Is Interesting,

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